This extended information on cookies illustrates to our users the types and methods of operation of the cookies served by our website and also explains what actions to take to reject or delete them.


1.1. Cookies are small text files that are saved on the user's computer and may contain information on it and on its navigation, in order to improve it; they are sent by the server of the visited site to the user's terminal (usually the browser), where they are stored - for a variable period of time, depending on their type - to be then retransmitted to the same site, at the next visit by the user, to optimize navigation.

As it is not possible to distinguish cookies on the basis of their technical characteristics, they can be divided as follows.

1.2. The main subdivisions concern:

The origin, according to which they are identified:

1. first-party cookies, which are installed directly by the site manager on the user's terminal;

2. third-party cookies, installed by a different site through the operator of the site the user is visiting;

The function pursued by cookies, for which they are distinguished:

1. technical cookies, which are used for the sole purpose of contributing to the proper functioning of the site, or to improve its usability by the user. They are not used for other purposes and are normally installed directly by the owner or manager of the site; can be further divided into:

or session cookies, designed to ensure normal navigation and use of the site;

or persistent cookies, eg. first-party analytics cookies or similar - see below -, which are used to collect information, in aggregate form, on the number of users and their navigation;

or functionality cookies, designed to allow the user to navigate according to a series of selected criteria, eg. the tongue. Technical cookies are necessary for efficient navigation on our site. The prior consent of users is not required for their installation;

2. profiling cookies, which are designed to create user profiles and are used in order to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by the user while surfing the net. Our site uses third-party profiling cookies for remarketing / retargeting activities, in order to present users with targeted advertising on their tastes, while browsing other sites, based on the use that the same users have made. of our website.

We can also use multimedia widgets / plug-ins to allow interaction with social networking sites and sharing with related accounts. In this case, these interactive programs are running on our server and collect the user's IP address and the page visited on our site, configuring the necessary cookies to allow the widgets / plug-ins to function properly.

Profiling cookies are not essential for the proper functioning of the site. The acquisition of consent to the use of profiling cookies and those for sharing content through social plug-ins and / or cookies of services integrated with social networks is expressed by the user by scrolling the access page to this site, or by clicking any of its elements, or by clicking the pop-up banner, present on the home page as well as on any other page from which you access the site.

See also points 2. and 3. for instructions on how to disable them.

3. analytics cookies, which provide the site manager with purely statistical data (eg.number of visitors to the site by time slot) The own ones (= first-party analytical cookies) are assimilated in all respects to technical cookies. This also applies to third-party analytical cookies, provided they are anonymized, so that the third party cannot access the IP-level disaggregated Analytics data.

Our site uses Google Analytics cookies, for which we anonymize the IPs, without allowing data to be crossed. See points 2. and 3. for instructions on how to disable them.

Our site does not serve first-party profiling cookies.


Indicate the cookies, what they are used for and the link to the information of third parties

3. INSTRUCTIONS TO DISABLE COOKIES DIRECTLY FROM THE BROWSER - Chrome → - Internet Explorer → explorer / delete-manage-cookies # ie = ie-11 - Opera → - Safari for mobile devices → / kb / HT1677? viewlocale = en_IT - Safari for desktop → - Firefox → https: // -your-privacy / cookies - Microsoft Edge ->

If you use a web browser not listed above, please refer to your browser's documentation or online help for more information.

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