Crystal style

Finesse Crystal Style is a specialized cosmetic line based on Natural Potassium Alum. Potassium Alum is a natural antiseptic mineral that normalizes skin's transpiration and inhibits bad odors. It is ideal for delicate and allergic skin.



Finesse Nature is a line specialized in natural cosmetics products certified by NaTrue and Biocosmesi. Nature line is made with Potassium Alum and it is used as body deodorants, detergents and it has active ingredients derived from organic waters of plants, fruits and flowers.

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Finesse Phytoremedial is a trademark of natural cosmetics that contains phytocomplexes for nutraceutical activity of plants, fruits and flowers such as Crimean Black Tomato, Pumpkin Seeds, Red Vine and Rosa Damascene grown on a farm in the Po River with the idea to enhance the products of the territory.
"I Cosmetici dell’Orto" line consists of facial creams, body scrubs and lotions rich of lycopene, anthocyanins, beta-carotene and other precious natural ingredients that reinforce cellular aging and are perfect for the most delicate skin.


Finesse 17 by David Trezeguet

This new partnership between Finesse “Collection” and 17 by David Trezeguet comes from the previous experience Finesse has in the cosmetics industry - which, since 2003 has specialized in the formulation, production and distribution of deodorants and natural cosmetic products, in the pharmaceutical, herbal and “Green “ sectors - based on natural and
organic solutions containing active ingredients from plants, fruit and flowers, and potassium alum, an ancient mineral of
volcanic origin.