Pumpkin facial anti-stress cream

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Pumpkin facial anti-stress cream – 90 ml

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Product info: Lightweight and easily absorbed pumpkin anti-stress facial cream ideal to be used under makeup.  Effectively protects the delicate skin particularly exposed to environmental factors such as uv light and pollutants, leaving the skin hydrated throughout the day. This cream is suitable for both young and mature skin.
How to use:  After cleansing, lightly massage small quantity of cream on the face and neck until full absorption. It is easily absorbed, therefore suitable as a day and night cream. Could give a light coloring to light complexions that is removed passing cotton ball
Principal Ingredients: Pumpkin seed oil, beta carotene, black berry extract
Physical Aspect: Delicate semi fluid emulsion, absorbs quickly
Contains no harmful chemicals: No paraben or other potentially harmful preservatives used.
Format:  90 ml – 3.04 fl. oz NT WT.


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