Mineral Deodorant – Stick Man

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Mineral deodorant Mini stick Man 60 gr

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Product info: Allows skin perspiration to breath normally by creating a natural protection against body odors.
How to use: Moisten the crystal then apply evenly to underarms. Allow crystal to dry completely. Do not place on marble surfaces
Principal Ingredients: Potassium Alum
Texture: Odourless and clear solid
Contains no harmful chemicals: No paraben or other potentially harmful preservatives used.
Format: 60 gr – 2.11 oz NT WT. I.N.C.I. (E.U.): Potassium Alum. Dermatologically tested, No Paraben, No Aluminium Chlorohydrate, No EDTA, Nickel tested, No Fragrance, No Paraffin

Kind: Stick