Mineral Deodorant – Kitchen Allume Soap

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Kitchen allume soap – 155 gr

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Product info: Removes food odors from your hands. Ideal for neutralizing the smell from fish, garlic or onion. This natural soap stone captures odors by creating a natural barrier that eats away bacterias that cause odors
How to use: Simply wet the soap stone with cold water and scrub your hands. Allow the soap stone to dry completely before putting back into its packaging.Do not place on marble surfaces
Principal Ingredients: Potassium Alum
Texture: Odourless and clear solid
Contains no harmful chemicals: No paraben or other potentially harmful preservatives used.
Format: 155 gr – 5.47 oz NT WT.
I.N.C.I. (E.U.): Potassium Alum.

No Aluminium Chlorohydrate, No Aluminium Zirconium, No Alcohol


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