After shave Unisex Mineral Stone

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After shave Unisex Mineral Stone 100 gr

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Product info: Allows skin perspiration to breath normally by creating a natural protection against body odors. Also a natural astringent and disinfectant
How to use: Moisten the crystal then apply evenly to needed areas. Can be used after shaving to help heal cuts. Allow crystal to dry completely. Do not place on marble surfaces
Principal Ingredients: Potassium Alum.
Texture: Odourless and clear solid.
Contains no harmful chemicals: No paraben or other potentially harmful preservatives used.
Format: 100 gr – 3.52 oz NT WT. I.N.C.I. (E.U.): Potassium Alum. Dermatologically tested, No Paraben, No Aluminium Chlorohydrate, No EDTA, Nickel tested, No Fragrance, No Paraffin

Kind: Stone